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Best Dry Dog Food for Allergies — Buyer’s Guide

If your dogs are frequently lifting their hind legs to scratch their skin or rub against the sofa to get relief from itching, your pets might have food allergies, seasonal allergies or environmental allergies. Other telltale signs of hypersensitivity to food proteins, dust or pollen might vomiting, ear infections and hives.

Although itching and poor digestion can be annoying and uncomfortable, anaphylactic shock from an allergen can be fatal for your canine. So, any owner with a pooch who suffers from allergies should take it seriously and not ignore it any longer.

Best Choice
Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon
Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon
The Best Dry Dog Food for Allergies
This dry dog food recipe is formulated with support for digestion and balanced nutrition. Thanks to optimal protein levels, as well as prebiotics and probiotics, live yogurt cultures, digestive enzymes, and natural fibers, it improves your pet's digestion and overall health.
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What is a pet owner to do? For starters, owners might consider switching pets to hypoallergenic food choices, some of which include salmon, kangaroo, duck and venison for meat options and peas for plant-protein options. Foods can be a source of healing or irritation. So, it’s important to choose the most beneficial food possible. Whether the food is wet or dry, many dogs are allergic to certain proteins in wheat, dairy, beef or even chicken. Therefore, it might be necessary to test certain food mixes with your dog to determine which foods are problematic.

When it comes to commercial food offerings, below are five top-rated recommendations for the best dry dog food for allergies.

Best Dry Dog Food for Allergies in 2022

Best Choise
Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon review
Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon
  • All-Natural, Holistic, Organic
  • Balanced Nutrition, Immune Health
  • No Meat By-Products Or Fillers
  • No Wheat Or Wheat-Gluten
  • No Artificial Preservatives, Colors Or Flavors

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Grandma Lucy
Grandma Lucy's PUREformance Dog Food, Grain Free and Freeze-Dried
  • All Natural
  • Grain-Free, Gluten-Free
  • Freeze-Dried, All Life Stages
  • No By-Products or Preservatives
  • Easy to Prepare

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Limited-Protein & Low-Glycemic
Zignature Duck Formula Dog Food review
Zignature Duck Formula Dog Food
  • Limited Ingredient
  • Grain & Potato Free
  • With Antioxidants from Fruits
  • Gluten-Free
  • With Added Healthy Vegetables

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Bioavailable Nutrients
Tuffy'S Pet Food Nutrisource Grain Free Dog Food, Chicken & Pea
  • Grain-Free Recipe
  • Chicken #1 Ingredient
  • Formulated With All Natural Ingredients
  • Contains All the Essential Nutrients
  • No Animal By-Products or Whole Corn

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Zignature Kangaroo Formula Dog Food review
Zignature Kangaroo Formula Dog Food
  • Kangaroo Protein First
  • Nutrient Dense Legumes
  • With Antioxidants from Alfalfa
  • Gluten Free
  • With Added Healthy Vegetables

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1. Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food, Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon — Best Seafood-based Choice for Dogs with Digestive Issues

Dogs who love seafood might enjoy woofing down this chow at dinner time. It has ground meal from anchovies, sardines and salmon as the base proteins. A healthy selection, this dog food is rife with fruit and vegetables. Most importantly, for your dog’s digestion, this food has a combination of prebiotics, probiotics, live yogurt cultures, and fiber. And there’s nothing artificial in the food mix – not even artificial colors or fillers.

Ingredients & Benefits

Seafood-related ingredients in Holistic Select Natural include anchovy meal, salmon meal and kelp. For those who care about Omega 3 fatty acids, this food has both salmon oil and flaxseed. There are fruits like cranberries, blueberries, papayas, pumpkin and pomegranates. Vegetables, such as beets, round out the plant ingredients. Included, too, are whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice. Lastly, B vitamins, as well as Vitamins A and C, are plentiful. So are various spices and herbs, ranging from fennel to cinnamon to peppermint to create a tasty and healthy treat.


This food promises to increase your dog’s immune system, improve nutrient absorption and make bowel movements regular. As for allergies, many users report that this food healed skin irritations, eliminated dry skin and reduced ear infections in some pets.


Yes. The vitamins, as well as the array of fruits and whole grains, make this a beneficial choice for your pet.

  • Good flavor
  • Good plant-based ingredients
  • Vitamins
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • No fillers
  • Dogs might start smelling like fish

2. Grandma Lucy’s PUREformance Dog Food, Grain Free and Freeze-Dried — Best All-Natural Dog Food for Skin Allergies

Anchored on a fish, chickpea and lamb formula, Pureformance offers an all-natural diet for your puppy or senior dog. There are no chemicals or anything impure in this food mix. That means no preservatives, artificial colors, fillers or GMO produce. The fish of choice is pollock, a mild-tasting, lean fish that is low in fat, but high in protein and Omega-3. The chickpeas offer lots of fiber and plant protein. This is for the owner who cares about avoiding chemical toxins and fake foods. This mix, which has an abundance of freeze-dried dog food ingredients, requires water to prepare. Once prepared, it resembles a homemade oatmeal that most dogs will love chewing.

Ingredients & Benefits

Besides fish and lamb, this dog food mix contains lots of veggies, peas and fruits, including chickpeas, apples, bananas, spinach, cranberries, carrots and pumpkin. The mix, which avoids harmful chemicals, is loaded with minerals and vitamins, including zinc, manganese, and vitamins A and D.


Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance brand claims to give dogs more energy, improve digestion and soothe inflammation – including inflamed skin from allergies as well as nose and sinus inflammation. Users rated this dog food a good choice to help dogs itch less and lose weight.


Yes. For owners who like pure or organic foods, this dog food mix offers lots of natural nutrition you can trust.

  • Limited ingredient dog food
  • No genetically modified foods
  • No preservatives
  • No fillers
  • Food is primarily sourced from America
  • Low-glycemic
  • No grains
  • No gluten
  • Low calorie, which can help overweight canines
  • Must add water
  • May be too much fiber for some dogs

3. Zignature Duck Formula Dog Food — Best Limited-Protein and Low-Glycemic Food for Sensitive Dogs

High in antioxidants, this dog food has an abundance of fruits and vegetables to accompany its lean duck protein. The duck meat is harvested from ducks raised on farms in France, which typically results in flesh that is extremely tender and leaner than ducks caught in the wild. A gluten-free, potato-free and grain-free choice, this food mix is based on the principle that canines need a limited variety of food and should be deprived of things they would not readily have in the wild. While high in protein, this food is low in carbs and would please dog owners desiring a low-glycemic diet for their pets.

Ingredients & Benefits

Duck meat and duck meal top the list of ingredients, offering an iron-rich meat that is easily digestible and full of Omega-3 oils. Legumes like peas and chickpeas follow. Other healthy additions, such as carrots, blueberries and cranberries, are also in the mix. Although it does not have as many fruits and vegetables as some other selections, this choice is low in sugar and void of the meats that are known allergens, making it safe for the highly sensitive dog.


Users vouch for the hypoallergenic nature of this dog food, claiming that their pets have fewer skin issues and gastrointestinal problems since trying this Zignature choice.


Yes. If your pet is highly sensitive, this hypoallergenic recipe would be a tasty option.

  • A novel protein – duck – that is high in beneficial minerals, such as selenium, iron, zinc and phosphorus
  • No irritants like egg, chicken or potatoes
  • Small-sized kibble to accommodate small dogs
  • High in fiber
  • High in sodium
  • Expensive

4. Nutrisource Grain Free Dog Food, Chicken & Pea — Best Dry Dog Food for Bioavailable Nutrients

Made with all-natural ingredients, this chicken-based offering by a family-owned company has no grains. That means there’s no wheat and corn, which often cause itching, vomiting and other allergic reactions in some dogs. Prebiotics in this mix help to address stomach problems, such as diarrhea and gas. Bioavailable ingredients, allow for an 85 percent nutrient absorption rate and digestion rate to encourage healthy growth.

Ingredients & Benefits

Mixing chicken, chicken fat and chicken meal with pea flour and pea starch, this selection is high in both animal and plant protein. It has no tapioca, rice or corn, which owners seeking to avoid allergic reactions may appreciate. It does have key minerals like copper, manganese and selenium, which is often praised for having positive effects on the brain. This dry dog food has nutritional meals such as salmon meal, alfalfa meal and flaxseed meal.


Nutrisource claims this dog food is good for a healthy coat, brain function, immunity, odor control and digestive system. It avoids allergens like grains, soy and potatoes. Some dog owners praise the food for inciting weight loss in their pets and helping with yeast infections, lethargy and allergies. Some rave that the food stopped itching that was caused by other brands.


Yes. This is a highly nutritious choice with a common protein that dogs love.

  • Trace minerals
  • Prebiotics
  • Low-glycemic
  • No grains, potatoes or soy
  • On the FDA’s list of 16 dog foods linked to heart problems, according to NBC News

5. Zignature Kangaroo Formula Dog Food — Best Exotic Dry Dog Food for Allergies

This selection was chosen for its exotic kangaroo meat, which is a low fat premium protein that is high in zinc, high in iron and high in omega-3 fatty acids. Kangaroo also has a very low risk of causing allergies. While many dog foods just offer meat products in meal form, Zignature’s first ingredient is pure kangaroo meat. Produced in Australia, this dog food contains free-range meat, skips grains but offers a ton of veggies and legumes.

Ingredients & Benefits

The main ingredients here are kangaroo meat and kangaroo meal. In addition, there are plant-based ingredients, such as chickpeas, lentils, green peas and alfalfa meal. Healthy oils in the food come from sunflower oil and flaxseed. A host of vitamins and minerals provide the rest of the nutritional heft: vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin E, iron, zinc, calcium and choline.


This food mix is anchored on a meat that does not cause allergic reactions. A low-glycemic recipe, this food aims to help your dog avoid high blood sugar by focusing on legumes and avoiding starches like potatoes and corn.
Pet owners brag that this dog food mitigates ear issues and itching. So, it might offer help for allergies in your pet.


Yes. This choice is worth it to introduce your dog to the rare and limited kangaroo flesh, one of the healthiest and leanest meat selections, according to vets. Also, for dogs who cannot tolerate gluten, this dog food avoids all grains, including wheat.

But NBC News listed Zignature as one of 16 brands of dog food that may engender heart disease, specifically dilated cardiomyopathy, due to its grain-free recipe. Researchers do not know if the lack of grains or if the substitutions in Zignature are the culprit.

  • No typical allergenic foods:
  • No wheat
  • No eggs
  • No soy
  • No corn
  • No dairy
  • No chicken
  • Expensive
  • Ingredients linked to heart disease, according to a report by NBC News

Buyer’s Guide


Whether you have a golden retriever, German shepherd or Yorkshire terrier, all dogs need balanced nutrition just like humans in order to maintain strength, healthy bones and good development. Dog owners must look for more than an inexpensive price tag when choosing food for their pets. Here are the primary features to be concerned about when selecting the best dry dog food.

Animal Protein

Dogs need quality protein to develop muscles and grow in a healthy manner. So, when shopping for a dog food, always look for a protein at the top of the ingredients list. Make sure the protein is specified and not simply referred to as meat meal. Look for salmon, kangaroo, chicken, and other lean meats.

Whole Vegetables and Fruits

In addition to meat, dogs need the vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies. Plant-based ingredients like berries, legumes, seeds and root vegetables may offer antioxidants and Omega-3s.

Expiration Date

Never buy food that is past its “sell by” or expiration date. You risk the chance of making your dog sick with rancid food. Dry dog food should last a year, if preserved when opened. Canned food can last twice as long. Avoid storing your dog’s food in plastic bins as moisture and heat can spoil dry food. Instead, store in a metal container where air and moisture cannot penetrate.

Natural Ingredients

Avoid food with too many artificial ingredients and chemicals. The flavor and nutrients should come from real foods. Avoid chemical colors, fillers and flavors.

What food is best for dogs with itchy skin?

Dogs with itchy skin might have what veterinarians call atopic dermatitis, which is an inflammatory skin disorder caused by allergens. The bodies of dogs with this disorder try to develop antibodies to protect them against allergens. Meanwhile, the pets endure itching around the ears, on the abdomen and around the muzzle. Foods with choline and inositol can calm the allergic reactions, according to the Journal of Nutritional Science.

Is lamb dog food good for allergies?

Because lamb is not a common protein, many dogs have not developed allergic reactions to this meat, as they do with more common meats like chicken. Allergies arise when the dog’s body views proteins from certain foods as harmful; as a result, the dog may vomit, develop diarrhea or have itching as the body tries to fight the protein.

However, some dogs, after eating lamb for several years or months, may eventually develop an allergy to it as well, according to Tufts University’s Clinical Nutrition Service. Pets Md reports that allergies in dogs develop for genetic reasons.

What is the best dog food for pit bulls with skin allergies?

Designed specifically for bully breeds, Bully Max High Performance dog food is an all-natural brand that might help your pit bull avoid allergies. According to the manufacturer, this food avoids common allergens, such as soy, wheat and corn. However, the mix does contain chicken as the main protein and egg as a secondary protein. Still, many dog owners have reported that Bully Max does indeed help their pit bulls recover from skin inflammation, itching and other forms of severe skin allergies.

What foods are dogs most allergic to?

Common allergens for canines include wheat, dairy, egg, pork, chicken, rabbit, fish, soy and red meat like beef, according to Pets Web Md. However, allergic reactions vary from dog to dog. So, owners have to be vigilant to see if a new food causes a reaction.

Should I rotate my dog food?

Some vets recommend that dog owners rotate the type of meats or food served to dogs on a weekly or monthly basis in order to limit overexposure to a protein and reduce the chance of the dog developing food allergies. Some owners buy several kinds of foods – some with kangaroo base, some with lamb base and some with salmon base — and rotate them on a daily basis.

While some vets believe rotation is not beneficial and cannot always prevent food intolerance, it certainly is not harmful and may protect your dog from illness.

What foods are best for a diabetic dog with allergies?

Diabetic dogs need a high-protein and low-glycemic dog food mix with whole grains. If the dog already has a prescription for insulin, make sure the medicine is given after the meal. Dog foods with omega-3 can help both skin allergies and diabetes by possibly lowing insulin resistance.

How do I introduce my dog to a new food?

Mix the new food with some of the old food to which your dog is accustomed. Each day, reduce the amount of old food and increase the amount of new food in the dog bowl.

Is yeast good or bad for a dog?

Yeast is a popular ingredient in many dog foods because research says that it can help the dog prevent fleas. So, it is considered a beneficial ingredient.

What should I feed a dog with kidney problems?

Dogs with kidney disease, kidney stones or other kidney issues should avoid oxalates and a high-protein diet. Diets to improve kidneys should also be low in salt, calcium and phosphorus, as these elements can exacerbate kidney issues.

Does my dog really need omega-3?

Dogs with allergies can benefit from Omega 3 oils, which are known to ameliorate dry skin and itching. Omega 3 fatty acids, prominent in salmon and flaxseed, not only help with allergies but also with heart issues, brain function, general inflammation and kidney function.

Is meat meal good for dogs?

Chicken meal, salmon meal, lamb meal and other meals of specific animals are not simply cheap protein fillers. They are powdered forms of dehydrated meat pieces that offer high protein content – much higher than unprocessed meat. Choose dog foods that have specific meals not generic, unnamed meat meals.

What diet is good for a dog with autoimmune disorder?

Dogs with allergies might also suffer from autoimmune disease, which is triggered by toxins in the environment and can result in skin irritation. The best diet for a dog with an autoimmune disease should contain prebiotics, probiotics, fermented foods and Omega-3 food sources, such as pollock or salmon. Dogs should avoid grains, sugar and caffeine.


The right dog food can be the difference between a happy, healthy long-living pet and one that suffers from illnesses and departs your life too soon. Good nutrition is a form of preventative care that is cheaper than a veterinarian bill. Food is also a source of love. In addition to protecting your pooch from allergies caused by food, be sure to help your dog avoid too much pollen and dust in the atmosphere, which can also be irritating to sensitive dogs.

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