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Best Grain-Free Canned Dog Food — Buyer’s Guide

A proper diet is one sure way to the heart of your canine best friend. It becomes even more relevant if your dog suffers from food intolerance, such as grain allergies. Grain-free food is essential to avoid stomach sensitivity in such canines.

A grain-free dog food simply means a diet from which all grain-based ingredients have been removed and replaced with wholesome ingredients. Grain-free diets try to replicate dogs’ natural diet when they were living in the wild a grain-free canned dog food concentrates more proteins and digestible fats in the diet while doing away with excessive carbs. Carbohydrates are not essential in a dog’s diet because although they are omnivores by chance, their systems are not built for digesting heavy carbohydrates. Which is the best grain-free canned dog food in the market today?

Best Choice
Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet
Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet
Grain-free BLUE Basics is a limited-ingredient diet formulated for dogs with food sensitivities. This chicken-free recipe features high-quality turkey, easily digestible carbohydrates, plus omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.
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You are at the right place to have all your questions answered. We understand that it can be daunting to be a dog owner at this time. New companies are venturing into dog foods, making it difficult to know for sure, which is the right grain-free dog food for your pouch. We have conducted research and testing to bring a comprehensive buying guide and list of the best grain-free diet. To find out more, stay with us!

Best Grain-Free Canned Dog Food in 2022

Best Choise
Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet review
Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet
  • Real Turkey A Single Animal Protein Source
  • Easily Digestible Carbohydrate And Pumpkins
  • Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids From Fish Oil
  • No Corn, Wheat, Soy, Dairy Or Eggs
  • No Artificial Ingredients Of Any Kind

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Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct review
Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct
  • Turkey & Venison Is The #1 Ingredient
  • Helps Support Healthy Joints
  • Helps Support Strong Muscles
  • No Poultry By-Product Meal
  • No Artificial Flavors Or Preservatives

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Also Great
NUTRO Premium Loaf review
NUTRO Premium Loaf
  • Farm-Raised Chicken Is The #1 Ingredient
  • Rich In Nutrients For Healthy Skin And Coat
  • No Corn, Wheat, Or Soy
  • No Chicken By-Product Meal
  • No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors, Or Colors

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Best Value
Solid Gold Leaping Waters review
Solid Gold Leaping Waters
  • Carefully Curated Blend Of 6 Nutrient
  • Powerful Source Of Natural Vitamins And Nutrients
  • Great Source Of Fiber To Support Proper Digestion
  • Free From Fillers Like Corn, Wheat, And Soy
  • No Carrageenan And Artificial Preservatives

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Very Well
Wellness Thick & Chunky review
Wellness Thick & Chunky
  • Real Chicken And Other Whole Food Ingredients
  • Complete And Balanced Everyday Nutrition
  • Provides Extraordinary Flavor
  • Contains No Wheat And Meat By-Products
  • No Artificial Color, Flavors Or Preservatives

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1. Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet — Best Adult Wet Dog Food

Blue buffalo always surprises us, even with this best grain-free canned dog food. The canned dog food is available in a blue 12-pack package of 12.5 oz containers. The container is clearly labeled with the brand name and main ingredients.

Natural nutritional ingredients

Blue buffalo basics consist of all-natural ingredients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The first ingredient in this dog food is real turkey, which is a source of proteins. For a carbohydrate source, potatoes are included in the grain-free diet.

Limited ingredients

Canned dog foods with excessive ingredients are one of the leading causes of allergies. The blue buffalo blue basics contain real turkey only as of the single source of protein. No chicken or meat is included in the diet.

Wholesome ingredients

We love that this canned dog food does not contain any fillers or artificial additives such as sweeteners, colors, or preservatives, which would cause allergic reactions. The wet dog food, which is suitable for small breed and senior dogs, contains no chicken by-products or artificial flavors. It also contains no dairy products or grains, such as wheat or soy.

The canned dog food can be fed three ways. It can be given as a delicious treat, added to dry dog food, or fed as a whole meal. If your dog is the picky type. Blue Buffalo basics are an excellent way to spice things up.

  • Single protein source
  • Can be fed three ways
  • Filler and artificial additives free
  • Unsuitable for puppies

2. Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct — Best Ground Grain-Free Dog Food

True instinct Purina one smart blend is available in a red-colored tin in a 24 or 12-tin package. Each tin weighs 13 oz. The canned dog food is a quality and ingredient rich canned dog food.

Single protein-source

True instinct grain-free contains turkey as the main and first ingredient. It is the only protein source making the canned dog food a great option for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Canned dog food does not contain any chicken or beef proteins.

Wholesome ingredients

True instincts satisfy the desires of your dog by offering them high-quality ingredients. Real venison is one of such ingredients used in canned dog food. The canned dog food does not contain any by-products such as chicken by-products.

No fillers or additives such as preservatives, flavors, or colors are used in the grain-free dog food. Every ingredient used is highly digestible to suit sensitive stomachs.

Natural ingredients

Apart from the real turkey in the diet, true instinct grain-free diet is loaded with four antioxidant sources that boost immunity. The canned dog food is suitable for senior dogs since it’s easy to digest.

  • Easy to digest
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • No poultry by-products used
  • Some dogs don’t like the taste of the canned dog food

3. NUTRO Premium Loaf — Best Senior Grain-Free Dog Food

NUTRO kitchen classics come in a greenish and orange tin. The 12-tin pack is available in 12.5 oz cans, which are well labeled and easy to identify.

Single proteins source

The first ingredient of the NUTRO kitchen classic grain-free diet is real chicken. The chicken has been slow-cooked for a delicious saucy diet. There are no chicken by-products added in the meal or additional sources of proteins such as lamb and meat.

All-natural ingredients

The chicken used in NUTRO classics has been bred and sourced in farms in the USA. The canned dog food is also made in the USA using freshly sourced ingredients. No by-products or grains are included in the diet.

The wet grain-free dog food includes potatoes, which are a low-calorie source of proteins and carrots and peas. The veggies improve the immunity of your pooch. No corn or wheat grains are added to the diet.

  • Affordable quality dog food
  • Single source protein
  • Limited ingredients
  • Unsuitable for small breed dogs

4. Solid Gold Leaping Waters — Best Value Canned Dog Food

Solid gold is what we would describe as beauty with quality. The tins are available in bright blue and green packaging, which is catchy to the eye. The canned dog food is available in 13.2 oz tins.

Natural ingredients

The first ingredient in the solid gold is real salmon and chicken. The canned dog food is loaded with lean and easily digestible proteins for bodybuilding purposes. The salmon is an excellent source of omega fatty acids that support immunity and healthy skin for your dog. No poultry by-products are used in the canned dog food.

The canned dog food also contains vitamins that boost immunity. Veggies such as peas and carrots are also included in the diet Solid gold contains prebiotics for a healthy gut.

Wholesome ingredients

Solid gold contains no additives such as colors, preservatives, or fillers. It is also GMO-free since it is made in the USA.

Solid gold doubles up as topper and the main meal.

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Suitable for senior dogs
  • Free from fillers and additives
  • Too many ingredients which may cause sensitivity

5. Wellness Thick & Chunky — Best Adult Dog Food

Lastly, we have the wellness canned food, which is packaged in purple containers. The packaging and the ingredients are eye-catching for any dog owner.

Quality, all-natural ingredients

Wellness canned dog food is geared toward the overall wellness f your dog. The canned dog food contains a single protein source, which is chicken. The chicken is cut into chunks, tender cuts that make a gravy. There are no poultry by-products used in dog food.

Wholesome ingredients

The dog food is free of additives such as fillers, artificial colors, preservatives, or sweeteners. The diet is also free of grains, soy, and corn. All the ingredients used are sourced and made in the USA and backed by the wellness guarantee.

  • All-natural ingredients
  • GMO-free
  • No artificial additives included
  • The chunky pieces may be unsuitable for small breeds

Buyers guide

Having a list of the best grain-free diets is not enough. What should you know to be able to pick the best canned dog food? That is why we prepared a buying guide!

Signs that your dog is grain intolerant

According to studies, only 10% of the dog population is allergic to grains in their diet. It may be due to stomach sensitivity or simply gluten intolerance. However, if your dog is not among this percentage population, a grain-free diet is not necessary. How do you identify whether your dog has grain allergies? Here are some common symptoms.

  • Itchiness
  • Sensitive stomachs
  • Skin inflammation
  • Excessive hair loss
  • Sores and scabs
  • Bald patches on the skin

Benefits of grain-free dog foods

Grain-free canned dog food has its own share of popularity among dog owners. What’s the fuss about? If you still don’t get it here are the top benefits of grain-free dog foods.

  • Digestion

Since dogs are carnivorous by nature, their digestive systems may find it difficult to break down grains such as wheat and soy. Since grain-free diets are stuffed with protein such as meat which is easier to digest, it’s easier for senior, small breed and large breed pooches with sensitive stomachs to digest

  • Nutrition

The most common artificial additives and fillers pet brands use in their canned dog food are grains. These artificial fillers affect the health of your dog. They cause allergies and even more severe conditions. A grain-free diet is guaranteed to be nutritious since real meat made in the USA is the main ingredient

Grain-free dog food is also stuffed with wholesome ingredients instead of fillers and preservatives with no nutritional value. Grain-free diets offer your canine nutrition and well-balanced meal, which is gentle on the gut.

  • Allergies

If your pooch is prone to allergies, consider switching to a grain-free diet Other dog foods may contain fillers and preservatives with no nutritional value. These low-quality foods are the ones that cause allergies. Corn, soy, and what can also cause allergic reactions in dogs. Grain-free foods prevent allergies due to food.

  • Weight

Are you a dog parent to an overweight ball of far? Exercise will not always make the weight go away, especially because they can barely walk around the park. Excessive consumption of carbs that are present in grain inclusive diets may lead to excessive weight gain.

Grain-free diets contain more veggies and proteins such as meat which do not result in weight gain. Very limited low-calorie carbohydrates are included.

  • Shiny coat and healthy skin

A grain-free diet promoted healthy skin and added shine to the coat since it contains veggies and vitamins. Grains lack the proper oil for the proper development of healthy fur. Grain-free diets are loaded with vitamins and omega adds, which are excellent for proper skin nourishment A diet with fish as the main protein is even better to restore your canine’s skin to smooth and shiny. Grain-free canned dog food also contains prebiotics and probiotics, which enhance digestion and clean up the gut.

  • Energy

If you have noticed that your best friend’s body seems to be wasting away and they are less energetic, grain-free dog food is recommended. These diets are rich in proteins and low-calorie but complex carbs instead of corn and wheat which are bursting with energy. A mouthwatering dog food without grains s all you need to provide your dog with the proteins to build their body and restore their energy.

What is the best grain-free dry dog food?

We cannot for sure, dictate the best grain-free diet for your dog. A benchmark to help you choose the best dog food without grains is what we can provide for you. A grain-free diet should contain more proteins such as real meat chicken, salmon, and fish. There should be no fillers, such as chicken bones.

Although the diet is grain-free, it should contain low-calorie carbohydrates to provide energy for your pooch. Vegetable aid in skins and coat developments and should be included in the dog food. The diet should also be bursting with vitamins and omega fatty acids.

What is the best dog food with grain?

A grain-free diet is only vital for a dog with allergies. Other dogs do not need a diet without grains if their digestive systems can handle the grains. A grain-inclusive diet should be balanced and nutritious. The canned dog food should contain proteins, carbs, veggies, and vitamins. The vitamins are essential for immunity if you have senior dogs.

Low levels of calcium should be observed, while other minerals such as phosphorus should also be included in the diet Omegas such as omega 3 and 6 should be included for the development of healthy skin and coat. Dog food with grains should not contain fillers and artificial additives with no nutritional value.

Is it really healthier for a dog to eat grain-free?

Only 10% of all dogs are allergic to grains such as corn, soy, and wheat Consumption of dog foods with such ingredients may lead to sensitive stomachs and indigestion. If you notice that your dog is suffering from such after consuming a grain inclusive diet, it might be time to switch to one without grains. A grain-free diet contains more proteins and fewer carbs, which are taxing to its gut.

All grains, such as wheat and soy, are excluded. Even for dog’s who are not allergic, a grain-free diet is an excellent choice. However, it is healthier to switch to a grain-free diet since you are guaranteed nutritional value. The kibbles should be sizeable for small breeds to comfortably fit in their mouth.

What is the healthiest canned dog food?

Dogs are carnivorous by nature. The healthiest canned dog food for them would be one that is rich in proteins such as meat fish, chicken, and salmon since that is the main diet Proteins are also essential since they are bodybuilding foods necessary for growth, especially for small breeds and puppies. The number of carbs should be very minimal since they are not necessary.

Go for canned dog food with low-calorie complex carbs since they have provided a lot of energy for your pooch.

If the dog is intolerant to grains, the canned dog food should be without grains such as soy and com. These grains are usually replaced by wholesome ingredients such as brown rice and barley oats. Veggies should also be part of the ingredients in healthy canned dog food. Veggies such as carrots, tomatoes, and carrots are a great addition. Also, look out for vitamins and omega fatty acids, especially for senior dogs.

What is the best grain-free canned dog food?

The first ingredient to look for in the quality grain-free canned dog food is the protein source. The proteins used should be real chicken and meat, lamb, salmon, fish, and turkey. The proteins are important for building the body. Also, they are easier to digest than other ingredients for canines with sensitive stomachs.

Carbohydrates present in the canned dog food should be very low-calorie, especially for an overweight pouch. Avoid any dog foods with grains and fillers, which would trigger the allergies.

Veggies are a great addition to any canned dog food. Omega fatty acids and vitamins are great for healthy and shiny coats and skin.

The Final Words

There you have it! We have reviewed the best grain-free foods and added a buying guide and some of the most asked questions. Everything you need to give your pooch the care they deserve is at the palm at your hands. What’s left is selecting the right brand for your dog depending on their breed, size, or age or by the help of your veterinarian. What are you waiting for?

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