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Best Grain-Free Dog Food for Skin Allergies — Buyer’s Guide

If you notice visible sores, a skin rash, or bald patches on your dog, he may have skin allergies. While the causes can vary, you may want to pick up dog food that is good for treating or preventing skin allergies. This can help to relieve symptoms and may help you figure out what is causing the skin allergy. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best grain-free dog food for skin allergies.

Best Choice
Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Veggie, Nut & Seed Base Mix Recipe for Dogs
Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Veggie, Nut & Seed Base Mix Recipe for Dogs
The Best Grain-Free Dog Food for Skin Allergies
This antioxidant-rich selection of fruits, veggies, and nuts that guarantees a homemade meal that’s done the legwork for you—just add your choice of protein. This gluten-free, grain-free, and meat-free dish is a winner for adult and senior dogs dealing with multiple meat sensitivities.
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Best Grain-Free Dog Food for Skin Allergies in 2022

Best Choise
Honest Kitchen Grain Free Veggie, Nut & Seed Base Mix Recipe for Dogs review
Honest Kitchen Grain Free Veggie, Nut & Seed Base Mix Recipe for Dogs
  • Better Digestion 80%
  • Higher Energy 79%
  • Healthier Skin & Coat 78%
  • Increased Appetite 64%
  • Improved Weight 60%

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Balanced Nutrition
Stella & Chewy
Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Stella's Super Beef Meal Mixers Grain-Free Dog Food Topper
  • Complete & Balanced Nutrition
  • No Hormones Or Antibiotics
  • Grain & Gluten-Free
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Freeze-Dried Raw

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K9 Natural Freeze Dried Dog Food Booster and Topper, Perfect Grain Free, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Limited Ingredients Booster for All Dog Types review
K9 Natural Freeze Dried Dog Food Booster and Topper, Perfect Grain Free, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Limited Ingredients Booster for All Dog Types
  • Hight Meat Low Carbohydrates
  • Support Digestive Health
  • Lamb Free-Range
  • Grass-Fed & Finished
  • 100% New Zealand Grass-Fed Tripe

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Farm Grown
CANIDAE Under The Sun Grain Free Dry Dog Food for Puppies, Adults & Seniors review
CANIDAE Under The Sun Grain Free Dry Dog Food for Puppies, Adults & Seniors
  • With Farm-Grown Fruits & Veggies
  • Single Animal Proteins for Less Sensitivities
  • With Probiotics and Antioxidants
  • With Omega 6 & 3 Fatty Acids
  • NO Chicken, Red Meat, Grains, or Potatoes

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Nutrient Dense
Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Adult Canned Wet Dog Food review
Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Adult Canned Wet Dog Food
  • Real Turkey #1 Ingredient
  • 0% Fillers, 100% Nutritions
  • No Poultry By-Products
  • Strong Muscles
  • Veterinarian Recommended

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1. The Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Dog Food — Best Grain-Free Food Base

A mix of antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruit, The Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Veggie, Nut & Seed Base Mix Recipe for Dogs is as close to home cooking as you can get when it comes to dog food. It is a good choice if you have a dog with several meat sensitivities since it lets you pick just the right protein for your dog. This is a grain-free base mix that only requires water and a protein during its preparation for your pup.

The Honest Kitchen is a great choice for a dog that can’t tolerate a typical protein source or even for those that don’t like a lot of variety. All of the ingredients in this dog food have been verified to not contain GMOs. When you have a diet based on a grain-free dog food foundation, you will need to add a protein with each feeding making it the perfect choice for those who make homemade dog food and for raw dog food feeders.

This is a great way to guarantee that your dog gets all his essential nutrients. The Honest Kitchen is a versatile, 100% human-grade dog food that does not contain wheat, beet pulp, rice, soy, or corn. All the ingredients are dehydrated and include organic honey, organic kelp, celery, bananas, spinach, apples, pumpkin, organic coconut, cabbage, peas, and sweet potatoes. Made in the USA, this product does not include GMOs, preservatives, additives, fillers, or byproducts.

  • It is really easy to prepare and smells great
  • This product is definitely worth the price and doesn’t give you dog skin or allergy issues
  • It comes with vitamins in it as well and fewer carbs than other dog food
  • The box needs to be bigger

2. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dog Food — Best Raw Grain-Free Dog Food

If you are looking for natural and wholesome nutrition for your dog, Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Beef meal focuses on raw protein and pure ingredients. Believing that pure raw nutrition used in its natural state is the best way for your dog to thrive. With limited ingredient recipes, you get pure and simple dog food.

Each batch of Meal Mix has at least 95% meat, bone, and organs and bone that is usually a single source of animal protein. This is a great solution for dogs that have food sensitivity, especially since each protein is wild-caught, grass-fed, or cage-free. All the products used in the recipes are grown by trusted farmers and are certified 100% organic.

Using responsibly sourced ingredients, Stella & Chewy’s is a good choice for picky eaters and a great way to boost the taste and nutrition of dry food. Containing no added potatoes, lentils, peas, grains, antibiotics, or hormones, this food is 100% balanced and complete for any life stage.

Since Stella & Chewy’s is freeze-dried, you don’t have to worry about preparation or rehydration. Just scoop the food, mix it, and serve. Not only does Stella & Chewy’s support improved digestion and appetite, shiny coats and healthy skin, increased stamina and energy, a healthier immune system, healthy gums and teeth, and relief from allergies.

Ingredients include beef tripe, beef heart, beef kidney, beef liver, and beef. This safe dog food is recommended for its immune system support and allergy relieving properties.

  • Dogs love this nutritious food that is full of great ingredients
  • Great product quality that dogs love to eat
  • High-quality dog food that is easy to prepare
  • It has a weird closure and doesn’t come with a scoop

3. K9 Natural Freeze-Dried Dog Food — Best Hypoallergenic Grain-Free Dog Food

A highly palatable food, K9 Natural Canned Green Tripe Boosters are great as a daily supplement and a good addition to your dog’s diet. This freeze-dried dog food is hypoallergenic and grain-free. Made of 100% New Zealand Grass-Fed Green Tripe, this is a high protein and healthy food full of essential amino acids.

Available in both canned and freeze-dried versions, the K9 Natural supports healthy coats and skin while boosting the nutrient value of your dog’s food. This is a safe product for your pup that is free of filler, artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, animal meal, and GMOs. Made with products from sustainable and ethical sources, this food is freeze-dried raw and easy to use. Arriving in a resealable pack, K9 Natural is easy to store in your pantry after it is opened.

Ingredients for K9 Natural Free-Dried Dog Food include beef green tripe. This is a recommended supplement that added protein and essential amino acids to your dog’s diet.

  • Very convenient and high-quality product
  • Dogs love the food, and it is great to use as training treats
  • It can be too much protein for some dog’s diets
  • It is on the expensive side

4. CANIDAE Under the Sun Grain-Free Dry Dog Food — Best Farm Grown Grain-Free Dog Food

Perfect for any age dog, CANIDAE Under the Sun Grain Free Adult Dog Food is full of farm-grown goodness. This affordable dog food uses easy to recognize ingredients made with a variety of single animal proteins, which is great for dogs that have sensitivities. Free of potatoes and grains, you have a choice of recipes including grains or potatoes. Choose from recipes made with whitefish, lamb, or chicken that do not include soy, corn, or wheat.

CANIDAE pairs its proteins with vegetables and fruits that are farm-grown and include blueberries, pumpkin, butternut squash, carrots, and peas. Probiotics are added to helps support healthy digestion while Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids are used to support a beautiful coat and skin and antioxidants are added to help support a healthy immune system. This is a safe dog food that is recommended for its farm-grown ingredients and probiotics that helps with stomach sensitivities.

  • Very affordable and pretty good dog food
  • It works well for sensitive stomachs and allergy issues
  • The food is a good size for any dog type
  • Some dogs aren’t crazy about eating it

5. Purina ONE SmartBlend Dog Food — Best Nutrient Dense Grain-Free Food

This nutrient-dense food is made with venison and turkey. The Purina ONE SmartBlend dog food uses real poultry as its number one ingredient. Using other high-quality ingredients, Purina includes glucosamine from natural sources that will help to support your dog’s healthy joints.

With a meaty and tender texture, your dog can easily chew and digest Purina ONE SmartBlend. With a grain-free formula, you know your dog is getting food without preservatives, colors, or flavors. There is also no filler or poultry by-products.

Purina ONE SmartBlend also uses four sources of antioxidants that help to support your dog’s immune system. And it is a great tasting, perfect for sensitive stomachs, and highly digestible dog food for skin allergies.

Ingredients include venison, liver, port, chicken, and turkey broth. This is a highly recommended and safe dog food that supports your pet’s immune system with food the is easy to digest and chew.

  • Dogs really enjoy it and it is great for sensitive stomachs
  • It is easy to chew and digest
  • It doesn’t include preservatives or filler
  • The cans tend to arrive damaged

Buyer’s Guide


What is Grain-Free Dog Food?

Grain-free dog food will not include grain, but it should still include all the nutrients and vitamins your pet needs. Ideally, a grain-free option should have a high-protein content, but you also need to make sure it includes all the other ingredients he needs to maintain a good nutritional balance. While some people believe a grain-free diet isn’t healthy for your dog, others see a lot of health benefits to this type of diet.

The most common ingredients that a grain-free dog food blend includes are white and sweet potatoes, lentils, soybeans, peas, chickpeas, and other legumes. All of these foods are adequate forms of substitutes for grains that gives you a high-quality diet option. While legumes are rich in protein, you don’t want to solely rely on plant-based proteins, but also consider animal proteins that are also rich in essential amino acids and other nutrients.

Why Do We Need Grain-Free Dog Food for Skin Allergies?

It isn’t uncommon for dogs to have a food allergy to wheat grains. Studies have shown that wheat grains are a common reason why dogs have food sensitivities and allergies. Other non-grain options can also be causing the problem, but if your dog is very intolerant to grain, trying a grain-free option along with a limited-ingredient diet can be a good solution.

Always check the label for the overall list of ingredients and pay particular attention to the top five before you make your decision.

Why It Is Important to Choose Grain-Free Dog Food for Skin Allergies?

There are several types of dog foods on the market made specifically for dogs with skin allergies. For your dog, it will be the best dog food for itchy skin if it does not include what your dog is allergic to. For instance, if your dog has a grain allergy, you can treat it by feeding him grain-free food. While dogs can also be allergic to dust and pollen which can require a prescription of antihistamines, typically a change in there can give them a lot of relief.

Skin allergies can also improve with the addition of Omega 6 and 3 in their diet. These fatty acids help your dog maintain healthy skin so secondary infections will be less likely to occur. With these nutrients

How to Choose a Grain-Free Dog Food for Skin Allergies?

The grain-free dog food will contain high protein ingredients and nutritional additives such as omega-3 fatty acids, which will replace the nutrients that you would usually find in grains. For a balanced diet, look for a dog food that has a protein to fat ratio of 2:1.

Typically, dogs will need a good mix of vitamins, minerals, fiber, moisture, fat, and protein. Ingredients that you want to look for include:

  • Healthy vegetables such as carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes
  • Healthy supplements such as chondroitin, glucosamine, and omega-3 fatty acids
  • No Grains
  • Whole proteins such as eggs, duck, fish, beef, and chicken

Stay away from foods that include preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, artificial colors, unhealthy fillers and grains, corn, and unspecified meat. Keep in mind that quality ingredients can cost more, the benefits of a healthy diet mean less expense and time at the veterinarian.

Considerations When Choosing the Best Dry Dog Food for Skin Allergies

Animal Protein

Animal protein is still necessary for your dog’s diet to help them develop their muscles while keeping them healthy, strong, and lean. Animal protein can come from sources like buffalo, fish, lamb, turkey, and chicken. They are rich in vital minerals like omega fatty acids that are important for healthy skin and coats as well as promoting a stronger immune system.


Many carbs are seen as a good alternative to grains like sweet potatoes, potatoes, tapioca, and peas. Providing excellent energy, these ingredients are also easy to digest, and they are also rich in dietary fiber that aids bowel movements.


Probiotics allow grain-free dog recipes to be more digestible. By promoting good bacteria, you can allow your dog to maintain a healthier gut.

Also makes sure to read the ingredients to see if products like chicory root, tomato pomace, and beet pulp are present. These products are great at maintain gut health as well as providing dietary fiber. but also maintaining gut health.

High Nutrition Standards

Make sure the grain-free dog food for skin allergies you are considering meets the guidelines that were established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). This is a set of standards that allows dog food to market itself as “complete and balanced.”

Will Grain-Free Dog Food Help with Food Allergies?

Specific grains like cereal grains tend to have the potential to cause an allergic reaction in a dog. This is due to the bugs that get into the grains, so not necessarily the grains themselves. Usually, the grain that is used in dog food is the cheapest quality that they can use that is not fit to be consumed by humans. As a result, they are often infested with insects.

The carcasses and droppings of a grain insect are often found in lower quality dog food. These grain insects are close relatives of a common human allergen, the dust mite. So, it isn’t a shock that a grain mite that can infest entire grain bins within days, can be in your dog’s food and quite possibly be the reason why your dog is having an allergic reaction. So, no matter if it’s the insect or the grains, dog food grain is a common reason for dog food allergies.

How Can You Tell if Your Dog is Allergic to Food?

Usually, a dog that is suffering from a food allergy will exhibit pretty consistent symptoms. Keep in mind though that these symptoms can imitate symptoms you would see in other illnesses, so it’s important to take your dog to the veterinarian if you think he has a food allergy.

While food allergies can be frustrating and annoying, they are not usually life-threatening like they can be in humans. You don’t have to worry about difficulty breathing or swollen throats when a dog suffers from allergies. Usually, it is only seen on the skin in the form of a sore or itchy skin that has become irritated.

Here are some symptoms that are common with food allergies in canines:

  • Chronic ear infections
  • Chronic Skin Conditions
  • Hair loss
  • Constant paw biting or licking
  • Itching, specifically around his feet
  • Ear allergies
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive gas
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Poor growth

Also keep in mind that environmental allergens like dander, pollen, and dust that are more common during specific seasons will often come and go with exposure while a food allergy will be more over time. This is due to the face that allergies are often caused by proteins which will over-stimulate your dog’s immune system.

Why Do Dogs Develop Food Allergies?

While it is understood that a food allergy is the result of an overreaction of the immune system, but it isn’t understood why some dogs have a food allergy while others do not. It also doesn’t matter what age your dog is, a puppy or a senior dog are both at risk to develop a food allergy or if you have a large or small dog. It is believed that food allergies might be a genetic abnormality that the dog is just born with. It is also thought they are environmental and happen because of what your dog is exposed to and fed. Some bloodlines and breeds do seem to be more predisposed to food allergies which supports the genetic anomaly theory while other dogs that are from a specific region support the idea of environmental factors.

It is also known that allergies also often take a while to develop and your dog may not show signs of the allergy that first time they eat it. Symptoms tend to only appear after repeated exposure. It is recommended that by limiting how many proteins you feed your dog over her lifetime, it will help to limit the number of allergies he may have. It will also make treatment easier and food allergies may never even come up during your dog’s life. Basically, a dog that is given a wide range of proteins may be at risk to develop several types of allergies while a dog that has only eat one type of protein can continue to be given a wide range of protein sources that he has never been exposed to.

What is the Most Common Food Allergy in Dogs?

Typically, pork, fish, lamb, chicken, and beef are all meat ingredients found in dog food that are known to cause an allergic reaction. These are some of the most popular ingredients that you will find in dog food, so exposure to them is common, which has also made them become common allergens.

Other common dog food allergens include:

  • Yeast
  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Dairy

This list shows that allergens don’t just come from protein, because even some grains and vegetables will contain a few proteins. So, even the proteins that are found in corn, soy, and wheat can cause an allergic reaction.

However, most of these ingredients are commonly found in commercial dog food, so unless you make a point of avoiding them, your dog will probably end up eating them. When your dog is suffering from a food allergy, his digestive system is failing to digest proteins that are found in foods that cause allergies. These proteins make contact with specialized receptors that are found in the intestines and treat them like a foreign object that it must get rid of.

What is the Best Meat for Dogs with Allergies?

The best meats for dogs include kangaroo, salmon, duck, and venison. While the lamb was once considered an unusual protein but has become a common protein in dog food. This makes it a great protein to offer your dog if you haven’t fed it to your dog before.

What Food is Best for Dogs with Skin Allergies?

You will find that the best dog foods for allergies come in two different designs.

Limited Ingredient Diets

Containing fewer components, limited ingredient diets make it easy to pin down a specific ingredient that your dog may be allergic to. Limited ingredient dog foods are also easier to buy since they are sold over-the-counter and do not require a visit to your veterinarian.

Hypoallergenic Dog Foods

Usually prescribed by a veterinarian, you can also order this type of food online. You will find that many of these foods are made with proteins that have been “split” chemically into a basic amino acid building block that can make the component that your dog is allergic almost invisible to your dog’s immune system making your dog less likely to have an allergic reaction.

What is the Best Dry Dog Food for Skin Allergies?

Always consult your veterinarian when determining the best food for dogs with allergies. The best dry dog food for skin allergies may contain hydrolyzed diets and novel proteins that are only available by prescription, although some good-quality foods can be purchased over the counter that contains a trace amount of typical allergens you’re your dog won’t have a reaction from. Depending on your dog’s allergies and the severity of those allergies, the best dry dog food for them may differ from other dogs with allergies, especially if you are also dealing with weight management issues.


The food for dogs with skin allergies can differ from dog to dog. Depending on the dog’s allergy, it may easily be remedied with a removing the component they are allergic to from their diet or adding nutrients to treat the allergy symptoms like fatty acids. Just remember, that no matter what your dog is allergic to, there is a dog food out there that will help treat his allergies.

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