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Best Inexpensive Dog Food for Large Breeds — Buyer’s Guide

Being a pet owner can bring you joy and satisfaction. If you happen to be a dog owner, you will have a best friend on your side all the time. That’s why you will also need to be a responsible dog owner. Every dog breed has its own nutritional needs, so you have to be careful about what you feed them, It’s essential to choose the right dog food to ensure that it can nourish your dog according to what it needs. Small dog breeds have different nutritional needs compared to large dog breeds.

Best Choice
Iams Large Breed Dry Dog Food
Iams Large Breed Dry Dog Food
Specially formulated to help maintain your large dog's joints healthy. Protein sourced from chicken and egg helps build strong, firm muscles while seven essential nutrients nourish the heart. Antioxidants help maintain a strong immune system. Crunchy kibbles scrub your dog's teeth with every bite to help reduce plaque and tartar build-up that can lead to bad breath.
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If you have a large breed dog, it means that it needs to have food that will support their muscles and bones better. You will need to give your pet dog food that has is formulated for larger breeds. These types of dog foods can nourish your giant breed pet so it will get the needed Calcium and other minerals to support the bones. It’s essential for large breed dogs since they need to have strong bones for them to move around comfortably as they grow older.

Best Inexpensive Dog Food for Large Breeds in 2022

Best Choise
Iams Large Breed Dry Dog Food review
Iams Large Breed Dry Dog Food
  • Real Chicken Is 1St Ingredient
  • Formulated For Large Breed Dogs
  • Promotes Strong Muscles
  • Supports Strong Bonds & Joints
  • Veterinarians Recommend

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Eukanuba Dry Dog Food Large Breed review
Eukanuba Dry Dog Food Large Breed
  • Real Chicken Is 1St Ingredient
  • Formulated For Large Breed Dogs
  • Promotes Lean Muscle Development And Joint Health
  • Supports Healthy Brain Function
  • Promotes Gentle Digestion

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Also Great
Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Healthy Weight review
Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Healthy Weight
  • Farm-Raised Chicken Is The #1 Ingredient
  • Helps Support Strong Muscles
  • Unique Weight Management
  • Formulated To Support Healthy Joints
  • With Natural Fiber For Healthy Digestion

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Best Value
Hill's Science Diet Adult Large Breeds Light
  • Made From Natural, High-Quality Ingredients
  • Help Support A Healthy Immune System
  • Promotes Ideal Body Weight
  • Support Healthy Mobility And A Healthy Heart
  • Nourishes Your Big Dog'S Skin And Supports A Shiny Coat

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Very Well
Purina Pro Plan Large & Giant Breed review
Purina Pro Plan Large & Giant Breed
  • Made With High Quality Protein
  • Real Chicken As The First Ingredient
  • Help Support Joint Health And Mobility
  • Natural Prebiotic Fiber Helps Promote Digestive Health
  • Helps Support Healthy Skin And A Lustrous Coat

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1. IAMS Proactive Dog Food for Large Dogs

IAMS proactive health dog food is ideal for large dogs. It composed of chicken, wholesome grains, and vegetables, which your dog will surely love. The nutritional benefits are Glucosamine as well as Chondroitin Sulfate, which can provide healthy joints. Your dog can also quickly digest this since it’s easily digestible. Your dog’s daily meals should ensure a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Most veterinarians recommend this dog food since these are from real ingredients, unlike other dog food brands around. It will benefit large dogs to make their skin better, which results in a shiny coat. This dog food is ideal for boosting your pet’s immune system, metabolism, and also give them stronger bones so that they can run and play without boundaries. It’s a great source of the vitamins and minerals your dog’s need for everyday maintenance.

  • It’s recommended by most veterinarians around
  • They are from real chicken as the first ingredient
  • It’s specially made for large dogs breed
  • This dog food includes properties that can treat osteoarthritis
  • It will maintain your large dog’s overall health
  • Some dogs may not like how it tastes, especially if it’s their first time

2. Eukanuba Adult Dry Food for Large Breed

Eukanuba adult dry food is primarily for large breed dogs. Your large dog has different needs when it comes with their nutrition. The ingredients of this dry food are from animal proteins such as chicken to improve your dog’s muscles and have healthier joints. This dog food is formulated with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate and also comes with DHA and vitamin E to provide a healthy dog brain function.

It’s highly recommended for adult large breed dogs since it has the optimum levels of fats and carbs to allow them to live an active lifestyle. It’s composed of 3D dental defense – this dog food can reduce tartar build-up for healthy teeth and gums. This dry food also contains natural fiber and probiotics that will aid for easy digestion for your large dog will remain healthy.

  • Balance nutrition for large breed dogs
  • It will promote lean muscle development
  • I can keep your dog sharp mentally and physically
  • It’s from high-quality chicken, which is an excellent source of protein
  • It has the exact level of fats and carbohydrates
  • It’s only ideal for adult large breed dogs from 15 months or older
  • Not for pregnant or lactating large dog breeds

3. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Healthy Weight

Nutro Feed Clean is excellent for any dog sizes that you may have. It’s best to ensure that they will get the nutrition that they need. Its main ingredients from farm-raised chicken, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. It has fiber that will be effective for promoting healthy weight loss. Packed with glucosamine as well as chondroitin, it will give your dog healthy joints. Your pet will surely enjoy this while being in a healthier diet.

This brand is recommended for large dogs who need to lose some weight to maintain a healthier and more active lifestyle. This dog food can will be good with other dog breeds, both big or small. It’s non-GMO, and it doesn’t have artificial ingredients included in it, so it’s a good source of nutrition for your dog without a harmful impact on their health. Now you can ensure that your dog’s diet will be balanced and maintained without any health threats.

  • It’s a non-GMO ingredient in this dog food
  • They are from the farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient
  • It’s packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber
  • It has glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints
  • It’s mainly for a healthy weight loss
  • You need to be careful about the suggested serving to avoid issues on your dog’s health

4. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Large Breeds Light

Hill’s Science Diet formulated this dog food for a natural weight loss management for the large dog breed. The ingredients of this dry dog food are chicken and barley, which will make them feel satiated. It’s an ideal food for adult dogs who are less active and needed to have a low-calorie diet to ensure that they will avoid becoming overweight.

Veterinarians highly recommend this since it’s made from the US and uses high-quality ingredients globally. You can make sure that it’s safe and nutritious for your large breed dogs. It has L-carnitine, which will promote the ideal body weight so that your dog will no longer feel starved when on a particular diet plan. This dog food can make them feel satisfied but don’t have to consume too much of the calories they need every day.

  • Its calorie content is 18% lower compared to other brands
  • Supports healthy weight loss to support better mobility and good for the heart
  • It comes with high-quality proteins and natural fibers
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat since it has vitamin E
  • It contains Omega 6 fatty acids to promote a healthy heart
  • The new packaging only contains 30 Ibs compared to the old one, which is 33 Ibs

5. Purina Pro Plan Large & Giant Breed

Purina Pro is specially made for dogs with giant breeds so you can make sure that your large dog will benefit from this brand. It’s from real chicken and rice that can easily get digested to ensure that your dog can get all the nutrients it needs in every meal. Your dog will get balanced nutrition in every serving, which ideally includes 26 % of proteins as well as 12% of fats. This dog food will maintain your dog’s healthy body weight and also be in excellent condition all the time.

Recommended by dog breeders and enthusiasts since this is one of the best brands when it comes to adult dog dry and wet food, This premium dog food contains omega 3 fatty acids, which are great for maintaining a healthy heart. It also has glucosamine, which will help your dog to develop healthy joints for better mobility. The wheat bran can also help to achieve better digestion so your dog will stay healthy and keeps a healthy lifestyle.

  • It contains high-quality protein from the chicken as the main ingredient
  • It supports joints health and better mobility
  • It’s from probiotic fiber for healthy digestion
  • They are focused on adult large dog breeds
  • Some dogs may have a sensitive stomach for this dry dog food

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing the best dog food for your large dog, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Since bigger dogs can eat more every day compared to the smaller breeds, you may want to set a budget for it. You can find more affordable yet nutritious dog food instead of ensuring that you don’t always have to break the bank as it can get expensive over time. It’s also a mist that you know what exactly your dog’s nutritional needs for you to get the best inexpensive dog food for a large breed instead of getting the wrong package. You need to familiarize yourself with some details below so that you can ensure that you are not getting the wrong idea.

What Constitutes a Large Breed Dog

When a dog reached adulthood, it’s normal that they will grow bigger. But it doesn’t mean that you can consider it as large breed dogs. The dog should weigh at least 50 Ibs and measures 24 inches in height to be regarded as a large breed.

Common Health Issues to Watch Out For

If you have a large breed dog, you may want to check out the common health issues that they may suffer from, especially when they reach adulthood. Make sure to watch out when they hit the senior age as well since it’s when most of these health concerns may occur. But don’t worry too much since you can always consult your dog’s veterinarian if you see the symptoms your dog might possess. It is just to let you aware of what you need to watch out to ensure your dog’s safety.

Below is the common health condition your large dog may develop:

  • Hip Dysplasia

It’s a genetic condition caused by the misalignment of the hip joint. The common symptoms are avoiding exercise, altered gait, and joint pain. Your pet will not be as active as they are before, so beware if you see these symptoms and check with your vet right away. Don’t just ignore it since it can affect your dog’s health big time, and it can cause your dog to lose the ability to walk normally again.

  • Entropion

Entropion is when the eyelids roll inwards, causing excessive tearing from your dog’s eyes, It will irritate the cornea, causes squinting and eye discharge. The best solution is to have your pet checked by the vet to get treated as soon as possible to avoid further eye damage. Plus, it can be a painful experience for your dog, so you always need to make sure to pay attention.

  • Aortic Stenosis

Heart conditions may also occur in large dog breeds. This condition is because of the narrowed aortic valve from the heart. It will limit blood flow since the blood cannot pass through normally when the heart pumps. Your dog may faint or have difficulty breathing, so you need to bring your pet to a vet right away when this occurs. Just make sure to give your dog a healthy diet to avoid this from happening.

  • Osteoarthritis

This condition usually occurs because of age. As your pet reached its senior years, you may see your dog limping and reduced their activity levels drastically, it caused by the inflammation of the joint, which is a very painful experience. You can bring your dog to the vet for the necessary treatment. It can be painful, so it’s best to have your dog checked as soon as possible.

  • Gastric Dilation Volvulus

It’s a life-threatening condition, so make sure to look for the signs. Extreme salivation may occur since it’s a digestive problem that can cause excessive bloating and rotation of the stomach. See the vet when you see your dog seems to be salivating more than usual since its one sign of this condition as well as distention and retching.

Dietary Requirements of Large Breed Dogs

Being a large dog owner comes with significant responsibilities as well, if you want to ensure that youre dog will live a long and healthy life, you will also need to be selective when it comes to dog food. Since dog food is where they will get their nourishment every day, you will need to check if its the right meal for your large dog, Since they have different needs compared to the smaller breeds, you will have to check for high-quality dog food. It should contain combined sources of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It should also be easily digestible so that your large dog can get the nutrition that it needs daily. Calcium is one of the most critical substances since large dogs need to have stronger bones to support their weight and mobility.

Large Breed Nutritional Needs for Puppies, Adults, and Seniors

  • Large Breed Puppies

Food for the large breed puppies should be low fat, good calcium content, and also contains high quality of proteins. The calcium content must be about 3 grams per 1,000 kcal. The protein content of the food should be 30% and 9 % of fats.

  • Large Breed Adults

When your large breed puppies are now in adulthood, you will also need to change their diet at this stage. Make sure that you will get the dog food that has low in fats but has a high protein and Calcium. It’s best to look for those main nutritional facts when finding an adult large breed dog food.

  • Large Breed Seniors

As your large breed dog tums into senior, you will need to pay attention to its diet. You will need to check the label of the dog food that shows complete and balanced. It’s best also to avoid dog foods that have fats and oils listed on the first four ingredients.

When and How Much to Feed Large Breeds

For the large breed puppies, you will need to feed them four times a day to reach the precise daily nutritional requirements while they are in their first twelve weeks. Once they reached three months or at least look a bit more mature, you can already decrease it to just three times every day. After your puppy arrives in its sixth month, you can already allow feeding them twice a day. It will avoid your large breed dog to become obese as it reaches adulthood. Adult large breed dogs should eat from 3 to 4 and a half cups of dog food depending on their weight. Adult dogs can eat twice a day. In the morning, around 7 AM and at night around 6 PM.

Suggested Amount of Food for Large Dogs:

For 60 pounds – 8 cups per day
For 70 pounds -8 and a half cups per day
For 80 pounds -8 and 3/4 cups per day
For 90 pounds – 4 and 1/4 cups per day
For 100 pounds – 4 and a half cups per day

What to Look for in the Best Large Breed Dog Food

  • Protein Content

Large breed dogs should consume dog food that has at least 30% of high-quality protein. Protein will make your dog’s muscles more robust, and giant breed dogs need a high dose of protein to ensure that they will remain active and be in good health.

  • Probiotics

Probiotics should be present to provide your dog with better digestion. It is how your dog can absorb the nutrients from what they eat, so it’s best to find a dog food that has fiber so that your dogs can have a better metabolism and avoid obesity.

  • Fatty Acids

It can be 9% fatty acids, such as omega-3 fatty acids, to ensure your dog’s heart health. Large dogs need to have a low-fat diet, especially for the adult to avoid having heart disease since they are prone to them compared to small dog breeds.

  • Balanced Diet

Make sure to check the label of the dog food that reads for a balanced diet to get better nutrition for your dog, This balanced diet will ensure that your dog will have a more active and healthy lifestyle so that your pet can also live longer.

  • Allergies

If your large dog has special conditions such as allergies, you can find dog food specially made for this concern. There are inexpensive dog food brands around to cater to your dog’s particular needs.

What is the best dog food that is inexpensive?

Purina Pro for Giant Breed wins this category since it contains chicken and rice. It doesn’t also contain artificial flavors, colors, and other preservatives, which makes it inexpensive but a healthier choice.

How can | feed my large dog cheaply?

Don’t just look for the price itself. Look for a high-quality dog food brand since it may end up saving you more money compared to trying to get the lowest price. You can also buy wholesale, so you can get them cheaper.

What dog food is best for large breeds?

IAMS Proactive Health dog food is one of the best for large breeds since it’s formulated especially for them. Veterinarians also recommend it so it should be the right choice when it comes to feeding your large pet.

What’s the best food for large breed puppies?

You can go for Hill’s Science Diet for Large Breed Puppies, Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food, and other popular brands. As long it’s a formulated dog food for large breed puppies. it should work out just fine for your pet.

The Final Words

Large breed dogs have different nutritional needs compared to their smaller counterparts. You should also make sure to check for the warning signs when it comes to your large dog’s health. Since they are bigger, you should also pay more attention when it comes to their nutritional needs. You also have to observe the schedule feeding times as well as the right amount of food to avoid making them unhealthy. The Best buying guide is also a useful reference for you so that you can decide which adult dog food for the large breed to get. You don’t have to spend so much just to keep your large dog healthy. Just make sure that you will follow some of these guidelines as well to ensure that your giant breed pet will stay with you longer.


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