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english cocker spaniel puppy sitting on ground beside grass

Best Dry Dog Food for Allergies — Buyer’s Guide

If your dogs are frequently lifting their hind legs to scratch their skin or rub against the sofa to get relief from itching, your pets might have food allergies, seasonal allergies or environmental allergies. Other telltale signs of hypersensitivity to food proteins, dust or pollen might vomiting, ear infections and hives. Although itching and poor …

mops sitting

Best Grain-Free Dog Food for Skin Allergies — Buyer’s Guide

If you notice visible sores, a skin rash, or bald patches on your dog, he may have skin allergies. While the causes can vary, you may want to pick up dog food that is good for treating or preventing skin allergies. This can help to relieve symptoms and may help you figure out what is …

Dog Look On The Food

Best Dog Food for Skin Allergies — Buyer’s Guide

When you see itchiness, hot spots, and vomiting in your dog, it can be a sign that your dog is suffering from a food allergy. Often, these types of allergic reactions can be the result of the food they are eating. That is why we have put together a list of the 5 best dog …